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Ndokwa Christian Union Crusade 2021 will be coming up at  Oko in Oshimili South. Date is 17th to 19th November 2021.


There was an unprecedented gospel revival in Nigeria from 1973 to 1985. The great revival resulted to multiplication of Church
denominations and non-denominational organisation. The impact of the revival was more felt in the city of Lagos, then the capital of Nigeria, Christians bombarded the city with the gospel of Christ and many, including Ndokwa people, repented from their sins and joined the multitude of believers to attend major events like crusades, seminars, retreats, conventions and thanksgiving services. This unprecedented revival gave birth to Ndokwa Christian Union. 
Ndokwa Christian Union was formed by a few Christian brethren of Ndokwa origin who, like the biblical Nehemiah, felt very concerned about the spiritual and physical welfare of his people – the Israelites (Neh. Chapter 1 and 2). The Union was formed when the quest for a forum for Ndokwa believers gathered momentum in Lagos. God gave the pioneers of the Union the wisdom to mobilize believers of Ndokwa origin for the great task ahead.

Generally believers felt very free to attend non-denominational eventsas the churches gave their support and right hand of fellowship to inter-denominational programmes. The non-denominational Organizations, on the other hand, encouraged their converts to be well committed in the church denomination they belong, so believers interacted with each other freely without biased mind. In most of the Gatherings and places of worship, the ministers of God spoke in English while their messages were interpreted in various languages either in the main auditorium or by the sides of the halls to make sure everyone benefit from their messages. For example, at Deeper Life Christian Ministry retreat held at Ayobo in 1980, messages were interpreted in Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Efik, Edo, Urhobo, Isoko, Ijaw, Tiv, Kanuri, Calabari, Twi and some other languages but it was Surprising to note that Ukwuani, the main language of Ndokwa people was not interpreted in the retreat ground or any other place in Lagos State. Some brethren later tried to introduce interpretation of Ukwuani language in one of the ministries in Lagos but it did not last Long.
Against this background, some Ndokwa brethren sought for a way to mobilize believers of Ndokwa origin to create a platform to plan and discuss issues of common interest.

The issue gathered momentum in 1979 and the Late Bro. Peter Emekume, one of Ndokwa believers at that time visited Ebedei-Umuezeogoli, his home town and came in contact with some ministers of God of other tribes in Ndokwa land and those of Ndokwa origin. He sought for their cooperation as they exchanged views on the idea of mobilising Ndokwa believers in diaspora to form a formidable organization for the progress of God”s work.

Prominent among the home based brethren he earlier met were Bro. John Uwe and Bro. Edward Oyita both from Ndemili but based at Agbor as of then. Bro. Oyita was the first Ndokwa brother to bring out an Ukwuani gospel album in 1981.

When Bro. Peter Emekume returned to Lagos he discussed the issue with some Ndokwa brethren worshipping at Revival Gospel Group, Amukoko and a few brethren around Badia and Iganmu areas where he was living. The brethren supported the idea to have an Ndokwa Christian non-denominational organisation. This took place towards the end of 1979.

While the late Peter was thinking on the possibility to get in touch with Ndokwa brethren in other areas in the large city of Lagos, God, in his own way of doing things, was preparing some believers in some parts of the city for the formation of the organisation.

In early 1980, an Ndokwa believer who hails from Ezionum and lived Lawanson, Surulere, came to the printing office of Bro. Vincent Oludare Obielum then at No. 20 Onitire Street, Itire, Surulere to print invitation cards for Ukwuani Evangelical Association. As he was about to go Bro. Obielum sought to know more about the Association and the Bro. invited him to attend their next meeting which would be held at Assemblies of God Church, Amore, Olodi in Apapa to see things by himself.



  1. Bro Peter Emekume                                    Ebedei
  2. Bro Friday Chimsonum                               Abbi
  3. Bro Vincent O.Obielum                               Emu-Obiogo
  4. Bro Mathew Agboma                                  Ndemili
  5. Bro Godwin Ossai                                         Ebedei
  6. Bro Festus Ogwu                                          Utagba-Uno
  7. Bro John Oyem                                             Utagba-Uno
  8. Sis Lucy Ebinum                                           Ogume
  9. Bro Christopher Iloma                                 Ezionum
  10. Bro Josiah Origho                                         Abbi
  11. Bro Michael Akunyah                                  Abbi
  12. Bro Patrick Ochonogor                               Umutu
  13. Evang. Julius Okpor                                     Abbi
  14. Bro Godwin Odia                                          Ogume
  15. Bro Isaac Eneduwe                                      Ogume
  16. Bro Michael Opute                                       Aboh
  17. Sis Elizabeth Opute                                     Ndoni
  18. Sis Dora Uzoadinma                                   Emu-uno
  19. Sis. Peggy Emekume                                 Umuaja
  20. Bro James Enwefa                                      Ezionum
  21. Bro Michael Emekume                             Ebedei
  22. Bro Sunday Ugbe                                      Umutu
  23. Sis. Patience Akunyah                               Abbi
  24. Sis Patricia Oseh                                        Ndemili
  25. Bro Dennis Chuku                                    Emu-Uno
  26. Bro Sunday Enebuse                               Onicha Ukwuani
  27. Bro Daniel Osademe                               Ezionum
  28. Bro Paul Osademe                                  Ezionum
  29. Sis Maria Okpor                                        Ezionum
  30. Bro Longinus Onyenike                        Abbi
  31. Bro Christopher Ugbome                     Efor 
  32. Bro Sunday Ewolor                                Obiaruku
  33. Bro Gilbert Olise                                     Umukwata
  34. Bro Johnson Osakwe                            Ezionum
  35. Sis Patience Odinde                             Amai
  36. Bro Michael Olisedeme                       Abbi
  37. Bro Diamond Olie                                Utagba-Ogbe
  38. Bro Felicia Olie                                      Abbi


    1. Elizabeth Nwabunwene `                Amai
    2. Sis Margaret Macaulay                     Utue-Ogume
    3. Bro Wilson Adoh                                Etua
    4. Bro Victor Esumei                             Abbi
    5. Bro Emmanuel Ogude                   Umukwata
    6. Bro Edward Ossai                             Ogume
    7. Sis Bridget Anie                                Onicha-Ukwuani
    8. Bro Abel Opute                                 Etua
    9. Bro Sunday Onyesom                     Ezionum
    10. Bro Stephen Ossai                        Ezionum
    11. Bro Ejechi                                         Onicha-Ukwuani


  1. Amai 
    1st Crusade was held at Amai on 24th December 1980.
    2nd Crusade was held at Ndemili in 1981.
  3. Owa-AbbI CRUSADE
    3rd Crusade was held at Owa-Abbi in 1982.
    4th Crusade was held at Onicha-Ukwuani from 16th to 19th Sept. 1983.
    5th Crusade was held at Ebedei in 1984
    6th Crusade was held at Ezionum in 1985.
    7th crusade was held at Utue-Ogume in 1987.
    8th Crusade was held at Isumpe from 8th to 11th March 1990.
    9th Crusade was held at Utagba-Uno from 28th to 31st of March 1991.
  10. AFOR
    10th Crusade was held at Afor from 8th to 10th May 199
  11. ABOH
    11th Crusade was held at Aboh from 27th to 31st May  1993

  12. Abala-Uno
    12th Crusade was held at Abala-uno in the first week of December 1996.

  13. OKPAI           13th Crusade was held at Okpai from 24th – 28th Nov. 2004

  14. ONYIA
    14th Crusade was held at Onyia from 24th – 27th March 2005

    15th Crusade was held at Benekuku in 2006

  16. USHIE             

    16th Crusade was held at Ushie from 18th – 20th November 2010

  17. OLIOGO
    17th Crusade was held at Oliogo from 24th – 26th November 2011

    18th Crusade was held at Ossissa from 21st – 23rd November 2012

    19th Crusade was held at Emu-Ebendo from 20th – 22nd Nov. 2013

  20.  AMAI
    20th Crusade was held at Amai from 25th – 28th November 2014

  21. EBEDEI
    21st Crusade was held at Ebedei from 18th – 20th November 2015

  22. USHIE 
    22nd Crusade was held at Ushie from 15th – 18th November 2016

  23.  OGUME         
    23rd Crusade was held at Ogume from  28th – 31st November 2017

  24.  EZIONUM
    24th Crusade was held at Ezionum from 20th – 24th November 2018

  25. ABBI
    25th Crusade was held at Abbi from 19th – 22nd November 2019

  26.  UTAGBA-UNO 
    26th was held at Crusade Utagba-Uno from 17th – 21st Nov. 2020  

  27. UMUTU
    27th annual crusade was held at Umutu from 24th -26th


Ndokwa Christia Union need s place we can call our own, since the demolition of our secretariat by then Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fasola , since then we don’t have a permanent place for our meeting, it has being a source concern to us. we need assistance in getting another property.

Moving our meeting venue is costing us a lot. demolition of our formal secretariat cost us our member of over 3,000 people, uptill now we have not recovered. but glory be to God Almighty because it has not affected our annual crusade, God  has been faithful to Ndokwa Christian Union. 


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