Our Mission is to see that the Gospel reach all part of Ndokwa Nation. And we will continue to reach out and re-reach out until this vision is accomplished. Ndokwa must be save from idol wordship please do support us in this Missionary work .


  1. Preaching the Gospel
  2. Training and Empowerment
  3. Extending the hand of fellowship to the widows and less privilege, through food items and clothe material.
  4. Extending the hands of fellowship to the ministers in Ndokwa Land especially the host dommunity during crisade. 
  5. Relating with local Churches in Ndokwa land  in other to bring oneness to the body of Christ.  etc


Our Crusade expenses is not limited to transport and feeding during crusade but also gift items below are our budget estimate;

  • Transport to and fro for four buses N640,000 (six hundred and four thousand).
  • feeding estimate of N70,000-N100.000 (between seventy to one hundred thousand)
  • gift items and food for widows and less privilege estimate of N300.000 (three hundred thoudand) six  bag of Rice @ each N30,000 total N180,000. then N120,000 for other Gift Items

our estimate for the yearly is N1.4M (one million, and four thousand)


Please for any contribution our account details are;

  1. Account Name: Ndokwa Christian Union
  2. Bank: First Bank
  3. Account No: 2002778451


Ndokwa Christian Union is a non-denominational organization. This simply means it is not a particular church denomination; it is the mobilization or coming together of Christians of Ndokwa origin from different churches, ministries, groups and organizations. Any person who believes in the total and undiluted word of Christ is qualified to be a member of the Union

Ndokwa is a Land we love and cherish so much, a place we belong our native land. we need to join force with the brethren at home to ensure that there is total redemption for our People.

Ndokwa christian Union is Christian Evangelical Association that bring Sons and Daughter of Ndokwa land from  all denominations together and pull our resources together with brethren at home in reaching out to Ndokwa Land.

one of my experience is that many people at home are afraid of  going into some certain villages  for fear of attack from youth that will be cited against them by some members of that community after program, especially if the host demon in the village is destroy, but for us who have held a program and gone back to our various destination, they cannot come after us.

I remember one of the town we went for crusade, the pastor in that town kept distance from us, it was later we learnt if the program is over they will attack all the pastor that will associate themselves with us. Actually after we left some few pastor that took the risk of associating with Ndokwa Christian Union was called upon, and the inform them that their God of war has been destroyed, what should they do. Thank God for wisdom, the pastor told the that the God that destroyed your God of war will araise for you incase of any war.

Where is war brethren there can never be peace, It is only the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ can bring peace.

Join us today in the crusade of  Evangelizing Ndokwa Land 

Remain blessed in Jesus name 

Evangelist Osonuwe Goddey

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